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About the artist


I was born in 1990 in the city of Kiev, spent my childhood in the far north of Russia. I have always been passionate about art. Feeling very enthusiastic, continuing to improve my skills. Currently, I live and work in Moscow.
Always being in search of new forms and styles. However, acrylic and ink dominate in my works for today. Artworks can be attributed to such styles as abstractionism and expressionism. Mostly performed without sketches, in the tradition of visionaries, the work is inspired by dreams, nightmares, images of spirits and demons.


ARTBOX.PROJECT ZÜRICH 2.0, 20 — 24 August 2020;

Abstrakt Art Exhibition, Emerge Gallery, New York, 06 June 2020 — 01 August 2020;

ARMORY ART WEEKS NEW YORK, 5th-16th March 2018;

RUSSIAN ART WEEK, 21st-28th March 2017;

Art Week in Turkey. ARTANKARA, 2017.